Yoga Classes

Our family has decided to socially distance ourselves for some time to do our part in flattening the curve. As such, there are no classes for the time being. Please be mindful of your health and your community as we all get through what is certain to be a tough time.

And remember, yoga can be practiced anywhere, at anytime. Find your breath. Relax your shoulders. And just be. XO, Jen

Sundays – 9am Yin

Mondays – 10am Gentle Yoga (60 minutes)

Wednesdays – 9am Slow Flow Vinyasa (60 minutes)

Thursdays – 730pm Slow Flow Vinyasa (currently off the schedule)

Saturdays – 830am Vinyasa (currently off the schedule)

*Classes are 75 minutes unless otherwise noted. Class schedule is subject to change so please check schedule and please register for class so I know you’re coming. Don’t see a class that works for you? Let me know, I’m always seeking feedback on classes you want! Thanks!

🧡 Check schedule for special Holiday Classes! 

Vinyasa Flow is a more active style of yoga that unites conscious breath with mindful, fluid movement, focused on warming up the body while building strength and flexibility. Vinyasa flow classes incorporate surya namaskar (sun salutations), and will leave you feeling relaxed and less-stressed.

Slow Flow Vinyasa is a slower-paced vinyasa flow incorporating longer held poses and fewer or gently modified sun salutations, focused on stretching, breathing, and strengthening over time, fostering contentment and mindfulness.

Gentle Yoga is a nurturing and compassionate class focused on gentle stretches and light strengthening, encouraging compassion as you mindfully ease into and out of poses. This class is great for older adults, people with limited mobility, pregnant women and anyone simply wanting to be gentle with their body.

Yin Yoga provides balance to our active (yang) lives by requiring you to slow down, quiet your mind, and find stillness in longer held passive poses that target the body’s deep connective tissue. This gentle (yet intense) class inspires patience and reflection.

Classes are all-levels, so wherever you are in your practice, new or novice or somewhere in between, you’ll leave feeling balanced and empowered. Props available and modifications offered, to aid proper alignment and meet individual practice needs.

Classes are $10 per class. You can prepay through Venmo @Jenifer-Frohne or cash at class. Classes are held in my home studio in Light Farms (Celina, TX) (address will be sent after you register).

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If you are interested in learning more about CORPORATE YOGA, PRIVATE OR SEMI-PRIVATE CLASSES, or other class offerings, or have any other questions, please contact me! HAVE MAT, WILL TRAVEL!