I’m Jen. Native Minnesotan. Hippie. Animal lover. Wildflower. I have five amazing children and am married to my best friend. I’m a woman with many adjectives – mom, friend, yogi, feminist, free spirit, survivor, persistent pain in the ass… But at the end of the day, I’m just trying to find my true north, to live with purpose and intention, and to be kind, always.

I received my 200 hour teacher training through Inspire Yoga in Highland Village and Denton, TX. I teach vinyasa and yin yoga classes, and believe in a teaching style that helps make every student feel accepted, valued and empowered. Yoga has been an important part of my life for over twelve years, but it was in 2017 when yoga truly served a higher purpose in helping me physically, emotionally and spiritually as I recovered from a series of brain surgeries and setbacks. Yoga has given me the courage and confidence to be kinder to myself, live my authentic life, and truly appreciate the time we are given on this earth, and that philosophy and gratitude is passed on to my students in the hope that they too can live their most content and meaningful lives on and off the mat.

I truly believe it takes a village. For literally everything. And I am lucky enough to be part of one that continues to grow. I’m humbled by being part of yours. Again, I’m Jen, and I’m the Yogi Next Door.

Jen Frohne Yoga